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Semiconductor Devices Sourcing Service
Electro - Mechanical Sourcing Service
new Product Development (NPD) & New Product Introduction (NPI)
EMS - SMT, MI Assembly, box built

Key Strength


Flexi-Circuit Assembly up to pitching capability of 3 mils.

Multishape Assembly

LEDs Assembly on Metal PCB ( MCPCB) multishape and type of LEDs.

Prototype building

Quick turn prototype builds available at reasonable costs with accelerated schedules.

Experience Support

A high degree of technical support personnels over 10 years with the company


Customer Focused Production Set-Up


Protects Customer’s Proprietary Rights


Innovative and Versatile

The Machines

GSM1 Flexi - Counter
by Universal
HI-E Solder Printer
by MPM

by Juki
Uniterm Reflow Oven
by Victronics

Competitive Advantages

  • Highly skilled Production Staff and Leaders
  • Strategic factory location (vicinity to MNC & SMI factories)
  • Adequate Quality Control measures and monitoring.
  • SMT assembly line is capable of handling 0201, fine pitch 0.3mm, flexible PCB, and BGA components.
  • Innovated Processes to achieve reduction in manpower cost and production time with consistent quality.
  • Lead-Free Capability and RoHS compliance

Our Process Flow

Measuring & Capabilities

  • 2 Units Vitronics Unitherm 8 Zone Reflow With Lead-Free Capability
  • Capable of handling 0201, Fine pitch 0.3mm, flexible PCB, and BGA components
  • 10 Units 45X Scope
  • 1 Unit PCB Cutter Machine
  • 1 Unit ICT Machine
  • 1 Unit Solder Paste Thickness Checker Machine
  • 3 Units Laboratory DC Power Supply( 220V,60V and 30V )
  • 1 Unit Pull and Push Checker
  • 1 Unit Ultrasonic Cleaning machine
  • 1 Unit Zebra 2D Barcode Printer
  • 3 Unit Barcode Scanner for Traceability

Un-compromised Quality Output

Our Clients

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